For sure there isn’t just one thing but many things that leads to success. But here I’m talking about that one thing which will definitely lead to success. For that i’ll love to share a small story with you all. Let’s say there is a tree in a place with his roots scattered all around nearby. Now at that place there begins drought like situation, now as water scarcity arises, everyone has to suffer from it, People, animals, insects, trees and everyone out there. So that tree also has to face that situation. Now as it is suffering from water scarcity definitely all it’s leaves will start to fall.
He will start to become dry and to him it will be like no hope left for him . With its branches filled with green leaves, he used to blossom  in the nature. With birds chirping on his long branches and he could easily listen their songs and feel that life was happening inside him. Giving shade to the pedestrian was best thing for him. Those people could easily rely on his shade which was like a savior for them in this burning heat of sun. They  can never understand how much happiness it used to give him. But now back to reality again, he looked at himself and everything inside him broke and he became even drier. Then he looked around everywhere, drought like situation engulfing the place, heat at it’s best. People removing sweat from their body, not a single hint of water there, how helpless he started feeling. Now there was nothing left for him to hope for, thinking of golden days making the situation even worst. The dryness was increasing more and more and he started becoming weaker. And unfortunately there came a day when he can’t sustain that dryness and ultimately he fell to the ground.
Now as he fell the tree just beside him saw him. He felt bad for him but then suddenly somehow he managed himself. Although he was weak from that tree but he has a fighting spirit. Seeing his situation he also felt bad inside but then he chose to fight. Although he don’t have any other option left. The situation was worst, now only two things can happen either it will rain or he too had to die. But he decided not to die like the previous tree. And his wait took almost two years, only he knew how he had survived those two years just with a single hope but anyways after two years it rained in that area and things became back to normal.

That One Thing :

Now, this is a normal story you might have read in your childhood. My aim here is not to make you read it again but the message. I know many of you must have got it but believe me it’s not that simple. So let me make it clear for you, yes you are right it is DON’T GIVE UP. But the problem is many people take it as a term  “OK! don’t give up” but at last these are the people who tend to leave the battle easily. In other words, or in a single statement don’t leave the battle at any cost. Let me make it clear for you “what does don’t give up mean?”. Many times you think of something like i will start it from tomorrow and continue till this month. But after some days you generally quit that plan. For eg- if someone thinks that he/she will do yoga to lose his/her weight but after sometime they quit it. Why? Only because they are not getting the results as they wanted. They are thinking that magic happens overnight.
And there comes the role of second tree, he would not think like that. Instead he would think if it’s not happening in one month i will continue it to two years. And if also not then i’ll do it till whatever time it will take but i’m not going to quit it whatever happens. That’s how everyone should be like. That is what don’t give up means.
In Hindu scripture Bhagavad gita, it is mentioned that your aim should be over doing not on the result. You will definitely get the result if you will do something.

Story Of JIM KWIK:

Have you heard of the name JIM KWIK? He’s the best memory and fast reading expert. But his early life was not that easy. Due to a collision, there was a injury in one side of his brain. Because of which he was not able to read properly even for reading a sentence he has to struggle. But he decided not to quit and started reading X-MAN’s comic books. Then in a competition in his parent teacher meeting where all students were supposed to read and were going to graded accordingly, he took part because he wanted to make his parents proud. But he wasn’t able to even speak one sentence and got a 0. He broke down completely as it was his months practice to get 100/100. Then his one friend’s father motivated him and he again started to read. When he again became quite able to read, one day he slipped from the stairs and got a injury in other part of his head. Now his reading skills became more worse. In the hospital bed, he could have easily given up but there he decided that now he will not concentrate that how to read but how he can make himself study. Mean how the mind works and how we can improve reading skills, and he researched on mind for several years and improved his reading skills so much that became the best memory and fast reading expert.
I could have given you many stories but this one was quite motivating for me. Anyone could have given up in such situations. But life is not about giving up but struggling until you reach your goal. There are so many people who give up easily but the world remembers those who choose to struggle not to give up because no one wants to choose
the path full of thorns, everyone wants the path filled with flowers. But the toughest path are the ones that leads you to the success and are mostly less traveled. Because there are many people who have given up on something while you are reading this post. And i’m talking about everything not only about career because it’s about doing even if
you are not getting results as you have expected. It’s about going beyond everyone and even about yourself, when everything around you is pushing you to quit but you chose to fight!

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