When the ground below can’t hold you tight,
The sky up above tries to suck your life.
When your eyes become a dam,
Tired of holding thunderous cries.
When your head is a ton of bricks,
Struggling to stand upright.
When your mind is on a roller coaster ride,
Without any seat-belt tied.
And your heart is a cruel parasite,
That feeds on your beautiful smile.
But with every counting breath,
You still pretend to be alright.

Days, weeks and months have passed,
All the burden is still inside.
A day finally comes;
You decide to follow the light,
Showing the way towards delight.
With all the strength you’ve left,
You give a hand to yourself.
Pull yourself up!
And collect all the courage to fight.

Congratulations! You won,
You can feel the joy of chirping birds;
Ready to cross any hurdle,
In the world full of nasty nerds.
Your eyes are the garden of euphoric flowers,
Pollinated by repose of divine powers.
Your head floats like cotton in the air,
Enjoying the melody of life everywhere.
Your mind is now a meditating monk,
Sitting under a tree with eternal calm.
And your heart is not that parasite anymore;
But a host,
Receiving bliss from deep inside your soul.

Everything now is actually alright;
But when those memories come into light,
You again spend some sleepless nights!


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