As soon as the bus approached Nancy and her sister, they both climbed up the stairs and took their seat. Someone cried, “Nancy, come here.” It was a girl’s voice, the girl was bright-faced and elegantly dressed. She was SAM, Nancy’s bestie. Nancy loved to spend time with her and they both shared their secrets But due to an arrogant quarrel, they had not been talking to each other since a passage of a month after their annual exams were over. It was a new fresh morning and a new fresh start to their friendship once more. They both forgot all the disturbances happened between them and had a nice time till the time when the bus hadn’t stopped and they had reached school. Everyone was full of energy and in a mood of enjoyment.

Nancy was really good at studies, she secured the second rank all over school, having been defeated from five marks by Sam.They both were in the same section. They reached the classroom and had their first seat as usual. Nancy had come to know that Sam was in a relationship with Rohan. ( Rohan was the most handsome, dashing, hot boy after REYANSH. Sam was so beautiful that she could have easily been proposed by Reyansh. But why not? It was so because Reyansh assumed these things as foolish and same was the thinking of Nancy. Nancy and Reyansh had never met each other.) As Nancy started asking Sam about Rohan, Sam’s cheeks continued to rise up in blush just like an air balloon.

Sam told her everything and also that she had joined a coaching but its fees were this high that it was really high for a clerk to afford it. (Yes, guys Nancy’s father is on a post of clerk.)When Sam asked her that would she like to join the coaching where she studied? Nancy replied in a little sadness, “What is the requirement of coaching for me? I can do it by myself.” Nancy knew that she required coaching this year because the course was very difficult and some teachers were very lazy to teach. (Nancy didn’t know what was the surprise waiting for her this night at home)….”Bringggggg” the bell rang and everyone started leaving the class for home.

As usual, Nancy and Sam both went off together. The stairs were a bit slippery and Nancy could not notice that. Her right leg went on the slippery stair and she slipped. Her head was almost going to be in two and her back in many. Suddenly a hand came and balanced her body. It was of Reyansh. He pulled Nancy towards him and asked her to move carefully from next time. Nancy was again lost in her dreamy world and came back in the real when Reyansh left her hand. Nancy was almost in love with Reyansh. She couldn’t disclose this secret to Sam. They both boarded their school bus and reached their homes.

“Mom, I have come back from school.”, cried Nancy “Mumma me too.” said her sister.”Ok, now go both of you wash your hands, change the dress and come, I am serving the lunch” said Nancy’s mother. Nancy wanted to ask her mother to join coaching but couldn’t gain the courage to do so, she was mumbling in her mouth continuously till the time by mistake she said it in a loud and clear voice….”Do you want to join coaching? What’s the need of joining it? Aren’t you going to school? Aren’t the teachers teaching you?” said Nancy’s mother in anger.”No, that’s not the reason. I will learn new things and would practice more over there.” said Nancy.”No, means no. I do not want to listen anything else. Eat the lunch and go to study. ” cried Nancy’s mother.

Nancy went to her room crying and banged the door. She was really upset and wanted someone to light up her mood. So did the baby pigeon which she found the day before yesterday. Now the pigeon had become healthy, it was roaming here and there. Slowly and slowly the time passed and Nancy’s father returned home from the office. it was about 9 in the night. “Thank god you have returned otherwise Nancy would have almost eaten me.” said Nancy’s mother.”What happened”, said father.”Now, I don’t know who has told her to join coaching .”, said Nancy’s mother.”Oh! I forgot I have brought a gift for Nancy……Nancy, dear come to see what I have brought for you” said Nancy’s father.”Coming dad…” cried Nancy.

“See what’s it”, said Nancy’s father.”Wow! I love you dad” said Nancy in a happy mood. “What is it so?” asked Nancy’s mother in excitement. “Dad has enrolled my name in the coaching where I wished to go! And they are the coursebooks of that coaching.” said Nancy.”Ok!” said Nancy’s mother in a dull sad mood.

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