It was just 7 in the morning. The environment outside was calm, there were fewer horns of vehicles, only the cooing of pigeon could be heard from the balcony. The sun was light red and there was a mood of peace all around. But it didn’t bother Nancy, she went on sleeping calmly with her soft furry blanket wrapping her . Her white face shining in the only light coming from outside, glittering the darkroom a little. Her long black hairs seemed a bit messy as if she wasn’t able to sleep properly. But for now, she seemed in no mood of waking up until the alarm-clock began to quarrel up with her sleepy mood.

Almost lost in her dreams, she hit hard on the alarm clock and was lost again in her dreamy world. Unconsciously, she heard some footsteps approaching her…” Nancy, get up! How long do you want to sleep? The whole world is up now” cried Nancy’s mother in anger. She woke up abruptly and started rubbing her eyes. ” Let me sleep for five more minutes” she requested  with little or less mood of waking up.

As she had just adjusted herself in the warm blanket, something flashed in her eyes and she sat up straight on the bed. Her lips curved downwards and she became a little sad. She took a sigh and removed the blanket and went straight to the kitchen. The kitchen was just outside her room on one side of the drawing room. There’s a window was just above the black tiled slab for the flow of air in the house.

In the other side of the drawing room was a sofa set, not too old but definitely in a good condition.The house consists of two bedrooms, a drawing room and a balcony attached to Nancy and her sister’s room. All the rooms are well maintained, but seeing them it can be easily assumed that they require a renovation. Although the house isn’t that big but is able to take care of the five of them. She, her younger sister, her mother,  father and a pigeon. It was a rainy day and when the rain had stopped, Nancy went outside to stand in the balcony to breathe some fresh air.

It was about 5 in the evening, when she heard some coo sound from behind. When she turned back, to her shock it was a baby pigeon out there. He was all wet from the water and trying to be sheltered in the corner. She quietly turned towards him and gently took him in her small tender hands. Since that day she is taking care of him.

She went to the kitchen and saw her mother cooking food. “Nancy, aren’t you getting late beta(daughter)? Come on, start dressing up for school.” Her mother said politely while rolling chapatis. Nancy looked at her expressionless and then just nodded her head. “What happened?You aren’t looking cheerful.” her mother asked. “Hmm…” she replied standing at the same place. Her mother left the belan(roller) and then turned to her.” Is everything alright? Has someone said you something?” her mother again asked.
“Yup! everything’s well. I’m just worried that this is my last year in school….” and then she paused for a while “and now I’ll not be able to meet my friends. And I’m gonna miss each and everything” she said with a little sad mood and making artificial expressions. She looked cute with those expressions. Seeing her like that, her mother burst into laughter.”Is that so.” her mother said and then she became calm and said ” don’t worry dear. Your friends aren’t going anywhere, they will always remain your friend. You just concentrate on your studies and don’t worry about it much”.
Listening that a smile spread over Nancy’s face. Her mood became a little light and then she went on to get ready. After getting ready, her mother  had already packed lunch for both the sisters. She took the lunch from the table and went outside with her sister to wait for the bus.
Not much time has passed until they can see a yellow bus approaching them.

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