Well now, this might sound weird to you, but believe me, it was also a bit weird to me in the starting. But then i realized this headline suited this topic mostly.

Where it all started:-

So for now, before going in depth of this topic let me tell you when it started.
I was in my one of my friend’s house and it was about 9 pm at night. And in India, generally, at this time, people are believed to gather at one place to have dinner while the ladies of the house cook food for the family inside the kitchen.

So we are also not unique, at least we believe so, so we were also sitting in the drawing room. Me, my two friends,
younger sister of the friend in whose house we were. And we all were watching t.v and enjoying.

And suddenly, an advertisement came in TV in which they were promoting a sunscreen lotion. It was promoted in the ad that the sunscreen give protection from high rays of the sun and is 50 SPF.
But then something came in my mind, I have seen that advertisement various times. But this was the first time that a debate started between us over that ad.
The thing was, What if the heat increases more then? Definitely, the solution will be to make a sunscreen lotion with 100 SPF. And what if it increases more than that?

No issue a cream with 200 SPF will be launched and we’ll continuously increase the SPF than working inside of the problem.

So now you all be shocked like why I’ve included Moov in my headline? Basically, the thing is Moov is a cream which is used to relieve from muscle strain. Whenever we get any kind of strain or pain, we generally rely on Moov because it works deep down the body and relieves us from pain.

So the idea of including it in my heading was that nowadays it has become a custom to work on the outer beauty and it doesn’t matter that how much weak it is from inside.

And over that, the main thing is that no-one should be able to know that weakness so we put a paint over the upper layer because that’s what everyone sees and everyone wants.


We have come up with every kind of alternative solution, the above example is just one. We don’t have time to do yoga and meditation to become completely healthy, so we have Allopathic medicine to relieve us instantly.

Doesn’t many times we need its help. Today, the whole world is working on finding alternatives.

Not before I’ve seen an ad on TV this Diwali, in which a small girl asks his father that why her Diwali isn’t like his? Mean like his father’s Diwali , her whole family is together but still not, mean everyone is busy on his/her mobile. The relatives are coming but more than enjoying with their cousins they are busy talking with their friend who is
two cities far from them.

Festivals are not like before, everybody is taking selfies to change their profile picture to impress other and the irony is that the other is also doing the same. So eventually it doesn’t matter to both of them and at the end, it frustrates both of them.
I’m not blaming social media, definitely, it’s great but then the thing it doesn’t this company had known that social media is great but still it’s showing such ads on Diwali. There must have been something we are neglecting.
We know that today such things are possible which were impossible to think some decades ago. But have you noticed one thing, whenever you see a city in pics, what you see?definitely, skyscrapers, tall buildings in which you would have wanted to go, everyone wants me too.

But one thing disturbs me have you seen any green area there? Yes, I’m talking about trees.No. I know you’ve wouldn’t. If not just check it.


Doesn’t we know that trees are so important to us and lack of them is causing Global Warming? Global Warming has become such a serious issue these days, but it doesn’t bother us. Temperatures across the United States are up 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 30 years.

Polar ice caps are collapsing and there is a 20-feet sea-level rise. But again we have an alternative solution that we’ll have oxygen cans. Who cares for global warming and trees.

If due to Global Warming, the heat in the earth will increase we’ll come with some mechanism to make our houses heatproof.
I’ve read in an article that Dubai is planning to make one of its city fully air-conditioned. If this becomes the trend imagine how much it will affect our environment.
Believe me, Global Warming is a very serious issue and it can only be handled if we all come together.
Actually, I know, if you are relating to this article means you know about it. There’s nothing we don’t know but we are so much busy with our lives that we hardly¬† get time to think about someone else.
But it’s time to think about the earth. Think green, think earth. Grow more trees so that we can fight with Global Warming because if we don’t think about it now ultimately after 10 years we’ll be regretting this. So give it a thought!!! and stop relying on alternatives!!!!


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